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How to Sell Your Home When the Sector Begins to Slow Down

Sell Your Home

The unprecedented boom the housing market is seeing right now will inevitably slow down. No analyst or advisor is under the impression that the current momentum can continue indefinitely.

In which case, what can you do to ensure your home sells for the best possible price, if you plan on relocating a little further in the future?

The answer is you go back to the tried, tested and trusted ‘traditional’ methods of making a property a hot commodity.

Perform All Essential Repairs and Maintenance

For example, the first thing to do is make sure your home is sale-ready. This means covering all essential repair and maintenance requirements, including routine issues like painting and decorating. If anything about the appearance or repair of your home is not up to scratch, it needs to be addressed ahead of time.

Present Your House Immaculately

Remember that first impressions are everything when presenting your home to prospective buyers; this is where attention to detail makes all the difference, while presenting each room at its stripped back, uncluttered best. You must remember that your objective is to make it as easy as possible for prospective buyers to visualise your home as their home.

Sell at the Right Time of Year

More often than not, the worst time to attempt to sell a home is over the festive season and during the summer, whereas the bestselling times are from March to June and then in September and October. Though there are variations and fluctuations, depending on the type of property and its location.

Ensure Your Home is Listed for the Right Price

This is where it pays to conduct extensive research on your local market, in order to see how much similar properties are selling for in your locality.  However, this is usually something that will be taken care of by your estate agent.

Find the Best Estate Agent

The importance of hiring the best estate agent in your area cannot be overstated. This will usually be the main determining factor with regard to how quickly your house sells, how smoothly it sells and whether you get a decent price for it. Try not to make your decision exclusively on the basis of costs, consider overall value for money, based on the outcome as a whole.

Use Multiple Estate Agents

Better yet, why not hire a handful of top-rated estate agents to list and promote your home? Just as long as they are all up to scratch, there is no reason not to adopt the ‘strength in numbers’ approach. Doing so could nurture healthy competition between the agents you hire, motivating to do an even better job on your behalf.

Consider Other Options for Selling Your Home

Achieving a super-quick sale if time is a factor can be achieved in other ways. You could sell your home to a specialist house buying company, or put it up for sale via auction. Both of which could result in your home selling for less than its true market value but could also ensure your home sells within a matter of weeks as opposed to months.

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