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Moving Home Simplified: Eight Essential Packing Tips from the Pros

Moving Home Simplified: Eight Essential Packing Tips from the Pros

Packing possessions prior to a move can be exciting and daunting in equal measures. It is something you only have to do on occasion but can nonetheless prove far more challenging than you bargained for.

A few practical pointers from the pros can go a long way with projects like these. This is how professional packers and movers advise prepping for your move:

Distribute heavier items among multiple boxes

Resist the temptation to pack too many heavy items in the same box. Books and kitchen items in particular can quickly make a box difficult or even dangerous to carry, so consider distributing them more evenly around a series of boxes.

Heavy at the bottom, light at the top

It is also important to be strategic with the way you stack the items you place in your boxes and containers. Place heavier items in the bottom of the box and lighter things on top, while filling as many gaps as possible with packing materials to prevent damage during transit.

Invest in decent hardware

If the bags, boxes and tapes you have are not up to the job, buy new ones. You can pick up a full arsenal of packing gear for a relatively low price, which will make it much easier to pack and significantly reduce the likelihood of your possessions being damaged or destroyed.

Seal your toiletries twice over

One tub or bottle of greasy cream can be all it takes to wreck an entire box of household items, or at least result in a regrettable mess. As you can never quite count on the protection afforded by a single sealed bag, always double seal toiletries in at least two heavy-duty freezer bags, just in case.

Buy or hire a wardrobe box

This can be extremely useful for speeding up and simplifying the process of moving in. As the name suggests, a wardrobe box is designed to be large enough for you to take your clothes out of your wardrobe, hang them in the box and transfer them straight into your new wardrobe with ease.

Plenty of packing paper

There is really no such thing as using too much packing paper to protect your more fragile possessions. You do not even have to buy specialist backing paper to get the job done – it is a great way of putting old magazines, newspapers and other types of waste paper to good use.

Stack your plates like LPs

The most common way to pack plates and similar flat items is to stack them flat and pile them up. However, this places excessive pressure on the items at the bottom and increases the risk of damage. It is therefore much better to stack them vertically side by side, like a box of vinyl LPs.

Label every box clearly

Last but not least, you’ll save yourself a major headache when moving into your new home if you know exactly where everything is and what is in every box. Along with labelling every box clearly, it can be useful to pack a separate bag or box of essentials to get you through the first couple of days while you unpack.

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