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January and April may be peak tax season, but you could also find yourself facing an unexpected tax bill at almost any other time of year. Increasingly, savvy businesses across the UK are turning to affordable loans to pay tax bills, often saving significant sums of money in the process.

A Common Concern Among Business Owners

Far from a rarity, thousands of business owners each year find themselves facing the exact same scenario. Usually at the worst possible moment, you discover a significant tax payment is due, only to then find you don’t really have enough working capital to cover it.

As a result, you face the prospect of painful penalties and excessive additional charges, along with the unwanted attention of HMRC.

It can seem like an inevitable eventuality, but there are in fact plenty of alternative options for funding an unexpected tax bill. However urgent or extensive your requirements may be, contact the team at UK Bridging Loans to discuss the available options.

Pay, Don’t Delay

The longer you wait to meet your tax obligations, the bigger the risk you take. Over recent months and years, HMRC has stepped up its offensive against businesses who fail to meet their tax obligations, with an alarming campaign of liquidations and winding-up orders.

This is where flexible and affordable tax bill loans can help. By taking out a specialist business loan to pay tax bills in full and on time, you protect your business from a variety of potential risks. In addition, you could also find that the interest charges and borrowing costs are significantly lower than the penalties that would apply in the case of non-payment.

The vast majority of unexpected tax bills can be covered with a variety of flexible and affordable loans. At UK Bridging Loans, our experience and expertise extend to all types of secured loans and personal loans to pay tax bills for businesses and entrepreneurs.

VAT Loans

Another popular type of loan for tax bill payments is the specialist VAT loan. Particularly where major purchases and investments are concerned, you may find yourself and/or your business liable for an enormous additional VAT payment. You will be able to reclaim this VAT at a later date, but could nonetheless be faced with several weeks or months of cashflow issues.

VAT loans are designed to bridge these gaps with purpose-made, ultra-short-term loans at rock-bottom rates of interest. The loan is issued within a matter of days to cover the VAT payment, your business benefits from smooth and adequate cashflow and the loan balance is repaid when you receive your VAT refund.

Our VAT loans are particularly popular among property developers and investors, though are also open to all types of businesses and entrepreneurs.

Call for a Quote

However complex or urgent your requirements may be, you will not find a more capable or experienced broker than UK Bridging Loans.

Call anytime to discuss our fast bridging loans for paying tax bills in more detail, or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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